1st December 2016 4:50 PM



With Over 3.5 million views collectively online this young fresh folk sound which ELMORE creates is set to make a serious impression with his debut official release of “I’m still here”.
Oliver John Elmore born in Co. Louth music has always been the only language he truly understood, self thought, busking was his first stage. In recent times he has shared the stage with great artists such as Hudson Talylor, David C Clements, Sample Answer and more.

At age 18 Elmore began playing shows in local bars and venues, uploading his covers and originals to sites like YouTube and Facebook, he gained confidence from the feedback he received. Channels such as Mostly Strings and WOGN picked up on his track “One Man Town” and play listed it. The views on ‘Mostly Strings’ alone are at the 2 million mark to date.

Elmore has remarkably achieved all of this and a worldwide fan-base without an official single release. Elmore is no stranger too a wide and varied fan-base. At just 21 he headed towards Western Europe on a busking tour. Leaving with nothing but his guitar a hat, he began playing music on the streets of Berlin and Amsterdam and selling CDs to fund his trip. This tour lasted over 3 months before he soon decided to make a more permanent move to Manchester and continue his musical journey. This experience helped him to develop an organic fan base throughout the UK and Europe. Elmore is now back living in Wexford with his young family. A dad to two beautiful children, he is excited to start working on several new projects and of course the release of his first album in 2017.

I’M STILL HERE gives a taste of what is to come on this album. A collective of insights into a young man; a dad, a partner, an artist, a musician, a player and a fighter.

Elmore makes no secret of the fact that he truly believes that panic, depression and anxiety can be part of anyone’s day to day life. Music is a channel he feels can really make a difference. ” You write words in a sentence to convey how you feel, but you write words in a song to show them its real. With music words are carried with emotion, which is true emotion,
which can reach a deeper part of you that’s what I’m about “ – says Elmore. “I want to reach people, and when someone gets it that’s without doubt the best feeling in the world”.

‘I’m still here’ was written with this in mind, reminding us that whatever you’re facing however hard it may be, we all have these challenges to tackle. It just affects us in different forms, but we also have the ability to fight and remain. Sometimes with a mask sometimes bearing our hearts on our sleeves but we do it, we fight and we are still here.

Society today is becoming much better at focusing on the mind and all the hurt it can create, but no longer is it such a taboo subject to speak about, and this is the hope and intention behind this track.